The other day I had this fantasy. I entered a musty old bookstore. It had one of those glass and wooden doors with a little bell on top that jingled as I went in. There was an ancient-looking man sitting behind the counter, reading, of course. Along with piles of books, there was an assortment of other things on the shelves - sea shells, old tin toys, cigar boxes, all kinds of dusty relics. I began to browse, and came to a section on spiritual themes. A little book caught my attention; I pulled it down.

It was called Christ in Training. I felt a rush of excitement. I had always been looking for the "magic book" that would change my life. Of course I knew there was no such book, but . . .   In spite of my doubts, I said to myself, "This is a treasure. Maybe this is IT."


  The first paragraph began: If you are reading this, which you obviously are, your schooling has already begun. You have started to realize you are Christ In Training. The next steps you take will lead you into a more conscious awareness of what being the Christ is all about.

So begins the book Christ In Training. It is an adventure, an adventure in both self-discovery and discovery of God-within.

This website is dedicated to the continuing discovery of Christ, not as an external icon, but as the Spirit of truth, strength, and Grace within you.


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