Don't Let The Past ...


There is a wonderful line from the Crosby, Stills and Nash song “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” that asserts, “Don’t let the past remind us of what we are not now.”

We change; we grow. Sometimes we do not realize growth has occurred until we are faced with a situation and we discover ourselves responding to it differently than we did in the past.

Other times we might be rereading a favorite book or watching a movie again and be suddenly struck by a passage or an image and wonder, “Where was that last time. How did I miss it?”

The more significant question could be “Where was I last time?” The truth is that we did not have the life experience or awareness to make that passage or that image meaningful for us when we first encountered it.

What makes the book or movie meaningful now is my experience and awareness even if I am not conscious of it.


Both of these examples speak to us of growth and awareness that are constantly taking place within us when we are open, willing, and dedicated to following a spiritual path.


A Course in Miracles suggests that, “When you bring the past into the present, you create a future just like your past.”

Know that there are no backward steps on the path, even though it might feel that way. Spirit is always moving forward.

We are encouraged to be aware of the positive movement of our lives. Let go of your attachment to “who you were.” Let go of the guilt, fear and shame connected with that old image.

Allow yourself to be God’s creation, so much more than you could ever think and so much greater than you could ever imagine.