The Course often speaks about holding grievances. In the language of recovery grievances are the same as resentments.

They are these bits and pieces of anger, some large some small, that continually eat away at our peace, serenity and the truth of who we are.

One of the difficulties with grievances is that they usually come disguised with some form of justification, and reasonableness. As long as the ego has a pretext for holding onto them, it will.


It is amazing to me that things that can throw me off. The other day I was at someone’s home and they had one of these toilets that kept running. I found myself getting increasingly annoyed.



“Why don’t they fix this damn thing?” “Think of all the water that is being wasted.” “If this were my house…” On and on.


The annoyance became like acid etching a permanent picture of a running toilet in my brain. I finally began to realize how painful all this was, and after digging through it all, I came to a laughable conclusion. I thought I was angry at the home owner. In truth I had a grievance against someone else’s toilet. Someone else’s toilet, not even my own!


All my grievances have nothing to do with the world; they are literally all in my head.


What’s eating my lunch today?