NTI and Creating Reality

I am going to offer a few reflections directly from some of the material in NTI.

“ 16 Everything you experience is the expression of a wish,

but a wish is not what it is.  17 In order to see beyond the wish that you made, you must take away the wish. 18 This is why, as you walk this path with Me, things may seem to get very tough. 19 I am showing you the wish that you made, so you may choose to let go of the wish.

 (v 12 – 22) 1 The wish you made, you have denied, and you do not want to claim it. 2 You see your wish as a terrible sin, and you fear more than anything to face it. 3 But it is important for you to know that if you do not face it and let it go, the wish continues to be wished. 4 It is a wish that you have made, and it has all the power you have given it. 5 As such, the wish continues until you face the wish and choose not to wish it anymore.” from NTI ACTS CHAP. 23


When I first discovered “new age” thinking, I became all wrapped up in the idea of CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY. There were all sorts of books and seminars around about creative visualization, etc. It was a very empowering idea.



After some time, however, when affirmations and visualizations did not seem to accomplish much, I  became disillusioned. I did not know hat the answer was/is, but I felt this “create your own reality” was overly simplistic. It seemed like an intellectual idea to explain the workings of the universe. It took away all the mystery.

I still think the 70’s-80’s idea is overly simplistic, BUT I have become ware there is a deeper truth here as the quote above states.


What do I make of all that? Surely I would not be foolish enough to create unhappiness or illness, or fear, guilt and shame. There are not many of us who would do that consciously, but the aforementioned circumstances and feelings are all a result of separateness thinking. If I cling to the idea of separateness, these are the personal results. The global results are also quiet evident in famine, war, violence and radical religiosity in all forms.


The challenge here, which I still back away from at times is to “face the wish” to stare it down to accept my responsibility in perpetuating it, and to calling the Truth of Oneness rather than the illusion of separateness.