“(v 22 – 27)Know that you will not face your wish fully until you are fully ready to see. Remember your freedom. Nothing can be given you that you are not willing to receive. Until you are ready, your wish will remain hidden. 5It will be in sight, but you will choose not to see. And I will be with you, strengthening you according to your willingness, walking towards the wish that you do want to see.” from NTI ACTS end of Chap. 24


As the book mentions, you can only delay the Process of the realization of Oneness cannot be stopped because it is the only truth.


I noticed myself last week in kind of a funky mood. I was aware of my moodiness, and so I asked myself, “Gerry, what do you want?” Of ours, I answered myself and said, “Peace.” (which is my usual and automatic answer to that question).


Peace, however was not forthcoming. I had to dig deeper. I discovered, yes I wanted Peace, but I had many hidden conditions around that goal.

In my mind I discovered thoughts such as, “If only someone would notice my pain, then I would be at peace.” If I could only get a new iPad, I would be at peace. If only the sun would come out….” on and on.

I did want peace, but I had my own ideas about how it would come about.

Of course, I became aware that no of the items on my list would truly give me peace (even though I still wanted them).

Now it was time to pray for the “peace that surpasses all understanding” and to let go of how I thought it was supposed to show up.

The “I” that I think I am cannot make peace, only the God-in-me can.