Willingness Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted some ideas on willingness. Here are a few more thoughts on the subject.

In Acts Chap. 19 (8-10) 7-11 it states, “Follow internal prompts to read certain books or go to certain teachers, but do not feel you need to go to them all. Do not feel that they have an answer they can give you. The answer is always within. But the books and teachers that seem to come before you can seem to help you, as you give your willingness to let the old thoughts be loosened within your mind. It is there role to help, and they are grateful to help, but do not expect more from them than they can give you.”


It seems that all the conscious work we do such as reading books, going to classes and workshops are simply a sign of our willingness to be teachable. All these outside activities don’t really teach us too much at all. They are both signs of our willingness and “window dressing” for the real work that is going on.




All the while my mind is involved with “learning,” the Holy Spirit is working behind the scenes loosening the grip of old beliefs and thoughts.

Listening to the guidance to read certain books or go to certain teachers is an expression of our willingness and it is also an expression of acceptance that “we do not know.” It is our cultivation of the empty mind that can only truly be filled by the Spirit.


All of this is a great reminder to me not to get too wrapped up in what I think I am learning and know the real work is being done by the Spirit within.

Even in matters of the Spirit it is easy for me to get trapped in my ego that thinks it is doing all the work.