Willingness and Work

Through much of our study we turn inward. We become aware of how much cleaning and letting go we must do. We find ourselves working and studying, and becoming annoyed when we forget, when we fall asleep again as we all do.

As we awaken again and again we diligently get back to to work, healing, releasing, cleansing and letting go. In the midst of all our work we are  waiting for something to happen. We wait for peace, for comfort, for enlightenment, for a miracle, and all the while it is all right here.

The work we do is an expression of our willingness as the Holy Spirit (the God within us, which is who we really are) continue to loosen the bonds of those old patterns of mind and emotion which seem to keep us trapped.

BUT what about rest?


A passage from Marianne Williamson’s book Everyday Grace reminded me that not only am I doing the work, but I am also an expression of my work and the work that is being done within me.






Everyday we have a chance to recreate life, for ourselves and others, reshaping our energies with the thoughts we think, just as we reshape our bodies with physical exercise. Bless the house in which you wake, and the people who also sleep there. Bless your city and country and your world. Bless everyone you will meet today. Bless everyone else who is driving along the freeway with you. Ask that your mind be filled with light, that you might be a channel for God's love. You cannot do this regularly in a committed way and feel like your life has no purpose. When you give love, you will feel (experience) love. That is the law.”   p. 80