I have been reflecting on the interaction between thoughts and feelings, and how the Holy Spirit plays a role in our healing.

When I am not feeling very positive, especially about myself, I can feel that negativity in my body. It’s awful and soon after realizing how nasty I am feeling, I will pray that I might be relieved of this burden of negativity.

At times such as these, I know that I cannot simply rid myself of this negativity. My mind can try to rationalize the feelings away, but all my mind can do is cover them up, ultimately sweeping them under the rug of my consciousness. .

All those feeling are still there, I am just pretending they are not.

I pray, Dear God, please remove from me these sensations of anger, fear, resentment and all forms of negativity. I realize I have creed them, and I know that they are not the truth, even if they feel that way. Help me release them so that I might be healed and at peace.”





 Then, I wait for something to happen. Nothing does.

 I have finally realized that although I am more than willing to let go of these negative, destructive, and hurtful feelings that I am still thinking thoughts similar to the ones that produced the feelings initially.

 My thoughts might be, “Well, here I am trapped again in negativity. What’s the matter with me? When will I ever learn? No wonder I feel so bad; I’m an idiot.” ON and on.

 I have come to realize I am praying for the impossible. I am praying for God to relive me of these awful feelings that I am continuing o produce with my mind.

 I might need help and grace to change my thinking, but that is my work. Willingness, openness, and focus on what is true, healthy, and Godly.