I might have a solid intellectual knowing that I am a beloved Son of God, so why don’t I experience that truth very often?

I believe the answer is that I have some deep core beliefs that get in the way of that truth, and as long as those beliefs remain, they will continue to produce thoughts, feelings, and actions which block or delay my awareness of Truth.

Some of my inner work requires that I dedicate myself to tracking down the roots of old thought patterns and behaviors.

I grew up with a sense of “not-enoughness” and fashioned a pattern of thinking that continually reinforced that learning. I developed a dark army of thoughts such as “Don’t even bother, you’ll just make a mess of it.” “Who do you think you are?” “It doesn’t matter what you do. It will never be enough.”





Granted, these thoughts were originally created as a defense (if I say it to myself first, I think it will not hurt as much as if I wait for you to say it). The problem is that I carried these patterns and thoughts into my adult life, and they continually sabotage everything positive that I am learning and trying to create.

These thoughts and patterns are so embedded in my unconscious that I have accepted them as part of my personality instead of knowing that this negative baggage is false information I inherited from others... 

Healing happens when I bring these thoughts and patterns to light, own them as mine, and release them as best I can. I need the Holy Spirit’s help for each of these steps.

 When I am not at peace, along with asking for help to get back to the Truth, I need to ask, “What are the beliefs conscious or unconscious that I am still holding that are preventing me from realizing the Truth?” I then open myself up to the answers.