God Moments

I would like to think of myself as a responsible adult, especially in matters of the Spirit, but as I was writing a sermon a few weeks ago I became aware that I have
more road to travel on the self-honesty pathway.

Initially, I was thinking of what I call “God-moments” in our lives. They are those wonderful, magical instances when we are consciously aware of the Universal,
Loving Presence that is always here. The realization of God/Love/Presence of the Divine could be triggered by a hug, a sunset, a smile, a line of poetry, or a piece of

No matter the trigger, the realization of the moment is of primary importance.

Now, I came to realize that these God-Moments are always present, since God and Love are always present. The question arose, “How come I don’t experience them




My usual answers would be, “Well, I just wasn’t aware.” “I was distracted or busy about some other things.” “I forgot.”

BUT since these God-Moments are always present I either choose to experience them, or I refuse to experience them.
That sounded pretty harsh, even to me, but I either have a choice or I don’t.

Either I choose to experience those God moments, or I choose something else of much lesser importance.  I CHOOSE.  I can’t blame anyone or anything else.

Although it seems many of my choices, for things other than God, are seemingly unconscious, they are still my choices. I am responsible for them, and thus I am responsible for the God-Moments I participate in.

Today, through these insights, I might choose to be more in the experience of God/Love and Truth.