Responsibility for Choice
I’ve explored some ideas regarding free will in the past, and I must admit it continues to be a subject that puzzles me. I certainly do not believe in determinism (the philosophy that implies everything is chiseled in stone), but there also seem to be some many factors, especially unconscious ones that influence my choices.


In my last reflection about “God Moments” I began posing the challenge about choice. I’d like to expand on it a bit.

Some thoughts:

I am either the one doing the choosing or I am a victim of circumstances.

I either “blame” my unconscious or accept responsibility for my choices and the consequences which flow from them.




I am very uncomfortable with those ideas, yet I cannot deny the truth of them.

What I am calling “unconscious” is merely a reflection of my unawareness, and that is also a choice I am making. I am choosing to be unaware. That thought really makes me uncomfortable.

I am also getting a sense of what is happening here with this challenge. A more expansive “I” is taking charge of my life. Through prayer and surrender and openness to Spirit I am allowing a more unlimited Self to emerge, a Self that is  less contained in my own preconceived image, or an image I have taken on from others.

And I am experiencing myself as quite new, somewhat shaky, and not quite sure of what is next.