Creation, Experience, and Choice
I am continuing some thoughts on the the theme of creation/manifestation and choice.

I have heard stated, “We create our experience.”

I don’t have any problem with that when the experience is what I consider a “good” one, but if the experience happens to be sickness, loss, or some other form of disaster, I have a really tough time accepting that I am the author of that script.

NTI Romans Chap. 13 (v6-7) 1-2 “This is how you are to look at the world. As an experience that you set up for your learning.”

The following are some of my reflections:

And what is it we are supposed to be learning? Just one thing. It might go by many names, but ultimately what we are learning is who I really am.

In essence there is nothing to learn. You already are who you are, nothing can change that. The thought of you as perfect and unconditionally loved has never left the mind of God. The thought, the Truth of you, can never be changed.

Once I fully realize this, the world either disappears or simply has no meaning.




The world I created in my mind came from that tiny mad idea, “What would it be like to be separate?”  BUT the error was corrected immediately, that is the Holy Spirit’s job. I just never realized the correction. (I am still living as if the error was never corrected and God is living as if the error never happened.)


Once I allow God’s awareness to begin to be a part of my own awareness, which it always is, I begin to realize I can choose to look at and use my life experiences as:

1)   Something happening and caused outside of me, either created by someone else, or the forces of nature, or bad luck, or…

2)  Something that I chose, even though I am not totally conscious of that choice, for the purpose of awakening.


Not only do I choose the experiences, but I choose how I hold them, what kind of meaning, or meaninglessness, I give them.


Next time I am going to explore what we need to do to be able to let go of experiences and patterns which seem to dog us.