The mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is also a terrible thing to put in charge of your life.


You computer is a marvelous tool for collecting and storing and retrieving information. It is great in helping you organize your life, but there are very few of us who would turn to this marvelous tool and let it run our live, make our decisions.   But this is what we do with the mind.


The thinking mind, the intellect would like to think that it is making all the choices. In a hypnosis class I took years ago the teacher presented a model which suggested that over 80% of the choices we make are either influenced or almost completely controlled by our unconscious mind.

That was shocking to me, but as I pondered the idea more and examined my own life, I realized it was true. I’m not attached to the 80% number here, just the idea that much of what I do is in “Robot” more or less automatic pilot.

Today I am being exposed to the thought that I actually choose to be awake or asleep. I choose to be aware or unaware. I choose to be conscious or unconscious.


It would be very easy for me to turn that thought into a judgment which would not serve me at all.

The idea of responsibility is not a judgment, but it is a challenge. Nobody is going to do the waking up for me. Sure I am going to have help, but the choice, willingness and responsibility have to be mine.


As stated above the thinking mind would like to think it is making all the decisions in my life, the fact is it cannot. The thinking mind does not ah v utility to se beyond its own agenda, which is very closely allied with the ego’s, being right, being in charge.

It is only through surrender, which is also a choice, that we let go of the thinking mind and allow the One Mind to take over.


In truth the One Mind has always been in charge, we have just been so wrapped up in our own little story, our illusion, we have not realized it.


There is another piece here which I will follow up on next time.

The thinking mind will begin to analyze, “Now why would I want to choose that experience?” “Why in the world would I choose something so painful?”

These are useless thoughts that only keep us trapped.