The Wisdom of Longing
OR "Hungry Heart"

There’s an older Springsteen song, “Everybody’s Got a Hungry Heart.”

It’s true; we all have a hungry heart. The question is what are we feeding it?

It is so easy to forget what I am truly seeking. It is so easy to settle for second best. It is seductive to look for an easier softer way.

One of the meditation in the course states, “I want the peace of God,” but those are just words, wishes, unless I am able and willing to keep that truth in front of me ALWAYS.

A huge piece of the challenge is to realize that I do want the peace of God, but I do not want the peace of God at the expense of what I already think gives me peace.



When I desire the peace of God this way, I am not really desiring the peace of God, I am desiring the peace of God as I imagine it should be.

The Christina mystic Augustine once said, speaking of God< “You have made our hearts restless and they will never rest until they rest in thee.”

 This is the same truth, to realize what we want and desire most is the peace of God, AND only the peace of God as God gives it, not as I want it.

So I am asked not to let go of my desire for the peace of God; I am asked to let go  of what I think the peace of God is, let God be God and in total surrender open myself to that peace that is different and more than I would ever imagine.