It is no secret that surrender is the essence of any spiritual path.
I need to remember to be open to this truth again and again. Interestingly enough the “remembering” to surrender is also surrender.
Surrender is the continual process of spiritual awakening or better expressed, the continual process of recognizing that I am awake, that I am One with God, there is no separation.
Dear Mother/Father/God,
I surrender the pictures I have long held of the way I think things should happen.
I surrender the outcomes I have attached to my goals and plans.
I surrender the problems and challenges I have been holding onto by reliving and retelling them over and over.
I surrender my stubbornness and rigidity.
I surrender the pain from the past and fear of the future.
I surrender any outmoded beliefs I still cling to.
I surrender everything that is not part of Your plan for me.
I accept and act on the guidance You provide when I ask.
I say yes to the new life You are creating in and through me.
I say yes to the rebirth of the Christ in me.
I accept Your will as my own and I let it be.



Surrender is a mystery to the mind, because the mind cannot comprehend that there could be anything it could not comprehend.
As we all know, surrender is more to opening to a power greater
than our ego instead of throwing in the towel, but in my self-centeredness, I forget that sometimes and think I am needing to protect myself (my ideas, my past, and whatever other stuff I mistakenly think is important).
It is so easy for me to become lost in all that, to forge who I am.
Of the many consoling passages in NTI, this one stands out for me today.

(v 24 - 30)  1 The choice you make will seem to be made many times in complete sincerity and truth of heart. 2  And then you will seem to slip and forget the choice you have made. 3  Do not let this distress you. 4  Simply make the choice again.

(v 31, 32)  1  Do not worry that you do not tend to your choice enough. 2  For if you tend to your choice every time you remember, that is enough. 3  For in the tending of your choice, the tending itself will extend until you are tending to your choice in every moment as you desire. 4  For the tending is the mustard seed. 5  Ask Me to rain upon your seed and tend whenever you remember. 6  I will lead you to remember more.