How often has my prayer been, “Oh, God release me from this fear?”

What is the problem here?

The first thinking error is that I am not really owning my fear, I just know it doesn’t feel very good so I want to get rid of it.

I don’t want to look at the fear, face it, and I want to be rid of it without taking responsibility for the thinking that created it.

Another piece is that since fear is essentially an illusion, God does not see it. How can God know that fear exists in you or in me when it doesn’t (exist)?

We can be loving and compassionate with a child who is afraid of something that is not there, but all the turning on of lights, looking in closets and under beds is not going to convince him unless he is willing to be convinced. I can tell you and
demonstrate to you that your fear is an illusion, but only you can let go of your untrue thinking.

Another trap here is that we think that the method of letting go of fear is to concentrate on it, focus on it, push it, force it out of our minds.


Fear like so many other negative thoughts is like the proverbial “tar baby.” The more I fight it the more stuck I become.

So much of release and letting go involves:

1) Acknowledging the difficulty/problem/negative thought
2) Owning it; taking responsibility for it
3) Directing and focusing our thoughts on Truth--Love, Joy, Peace, Gratitude
4) Praying for the object of our focus to embrace us and take us over.

Does the fear go away? Not really. We do realize however that it wasn't real/was not true, that it only existed in our minds as a sense of lack and since our focus has changed to that which is real, there is no thought of what is unreal.