Real or Illusion?

This whole thing of real and unreal, it’s all an illusion, etc. is very confusing to me sometimes.

I know I am trying to figure it all out with my head and that is not the answer, but I also know it is helpful for me to have some kind of framework to work with.

As I was “teaching” last Sunday, I began to connect the “real unreal” predicament with the model of addictions.

It begins as the process of looking outside myself for something to fill my sense of incompleteness (or whatever else I might be calling IT). The world is filled with substances and behaviors that call to me and promise they will fix me somehow.

If I am caught in the thinking that I am “not enough and something is wrong with me” then I will reinforce the external, looking and eventually I will find something--alcohol, drugs, candy, cars, money, job, gambling, sex, spending, being a victim, being a martyr--that will seem to fill the void. Take your pick; there are as many possibilities, permutations and combinations as there are people.




Let’s say I find “it.” It seems to work for a while. Then there comes a time when I realize it is not working anymore. So I decide to quit or just stop it or just say “No.” We all know it is not that easy./

Here is where the “real unreal” part comes in. Even though I know the addiction is an illusion, that is, it does not do for me what it promised, and maybe it never did, I am so mired in it that it is extremely difficult to get out.  There might even be times when I relapse, or buy back into the illusion that this addiction will work for me. I know whatever promises the addiction made to me are lies and illusions my knowing does not make it any easier to get out of the trap.


This is somewhat similar to the dilemma we find ourselves in here in the world of separateness.

We can tell ourselves that “We are one with God,” and that “there is not such thing as sin and/or separateness, but that does not dispel the negative energy we think we are caught up in.

It takes much more than words, and even much more than realization and awareness to change this point of view.


I will continue with this next time.