Real Or Illusion Pt. II


I’ve adapted a much used metaphor to offer some insight into the real/unreal phenomenon.


Imagine you decided to write a play. You also decided you would direct the play and even act some roles in it. The whole project was great fun and very exciting.

It was so exciting that you began to get increasingly involved with the character(s) you were playing and began to forget that you were the one who had originally written and directed the play.

You forgot so deeply that you “became” the character you were playing.


Occasionally you become aware that something is amiss, you might even realize you are in a play but cannot seem to get a handle on the situations you find yourself in. You might even go looking around for the “Director” to either complain or suggest how a particular scene should develop ( you call this “prayer”).


So here we are. Now we discover “someone” is telling us that we wrote the play and have been directing it all along!

What a concept. How can I even begin to understand it?