As a minister at last Sunday’s Easter service I was allotted ten minutes to speak on the subject “Life after Death.”

How was I to explain/describe something that I have never experienced? How was I to tackle a question that has bugged humanity from the get-go in ten minutes?

I was reminded of a wonderful Woody Allen quote, “ I am amazed at how many people are trying to discover the secrets of the universe when I can’t even find my way around Chinatown.”

I was saying something very similar to myself, “You are asking me if there is life beyond death, and I can’t even get out of the church parking lot without being annoyed.”

Is there life after death? You know, it really doesn't matter. To me the question is totally irrelevant.
The real question is--what is really important now?
I mean really--what’s the difference if I am not happy now?



How am I loving today?
What can I do to heal me?
What brings me joy and peace?
What brings joy and peace to those that I love?

Does tomorrow matter? Of course it does, but the question is does it matter more than today?

“Now is the only moment I can love, be happy, be at peace.” “Live one day at a time.”

We've all heard this so often we have become jaded and insensitive to the truth of it.

So much of my thinking is about the past and the future.
When get this done or that done, when I get this or get that, when I get rid of this or that, then I will be OK. I will be happy.

I've heard it a million times ... NOW, THE POWER OF NOW, THIS PRESENT MOMENT IS ALL THERE IS.

The question is when am I going to get it?