“And He gave thanks.”

Jesus did that (giving thanks) very often. What does that mean, is it simply a word?

It is so easy for me to become jaded about concepts such as giving thanks and gratitude. I hear them too often, and think about them too seldom.

Let’s just change the word for a moment to gratefulness. Gratefulness is approaching the world with an open heart, a loving heart. A spirit of gratefulness is not contingent on circumstances and situations. Gratefulness is a choice we make of either having an open heart or a closed one.




Every moment in our lives embodies this choice. Do I choose to open my heart or to close it? Things that scare us will automatically close down our hearts, but after that initial knee jerk reaction we can choose again, to keep it closed or to open it. Now, being Christ In Training is not about being naive or silly. There are certainly times in our lives when it is necessary to be cautious. There are also many other times when we can recognize our fear comes from our ego and a sense of scarcity. “There’s not enough love;” or “What about me?;” or Who do you think you are?;” or any number of other fear-based reactions.

We are encouraged to practice gratefulness in the easy times so that the attitude will be more available to us in difficult times.

God, you created me in love. Let me be open to your grace, your truth you r light. Let my heart be open in gratefulness and peace. Thank you God. Amen.

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