There is a spiritual disconnect for me between what I know and what I do, what I know is a spiritual reality, we are one, etc.

What I do is many times dictated by my fears, my desires, my addictions, past patterns of behavior, what I think other people want or expect. There are hundreds of things I can allow to control my actions and many of them are not even conscious.

There is also a disconnect between what I know and what I remember. I am asleep sometimes.

The transformation I ask for is that what I know and what I do will be congruent and that I will always remember what I know.

What controls my thoughts more - fear or love?

                      Im still in the fear category.


I am fearful of the future financially, physically, emotionally.

I am fearful about what others might think of me.

I am fearful that I wont be enough, that there wont be enough.

The more Jesus realized His oneness with the Father, the more He only saw oneness. There was no need to fight or to struggle. His miracles were ones of perception. He saw no lepers or sick people, he saw everyone as whole, and his vision was so strong that it became manifest.

I dont say, Oh, I am going to renew my mind this way or that way. No I recognize my mind needs renewing and I surrender. My prayer is take my mind wherever it needs to go. We realize this power which we are consciously surrendering to is not a force outside of ourselves, but is our essence, our Godliness.



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