"The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."

That is one of the most beautiful and confusing statements of Jesus.  I don’t think He meant it to be confusing, but, you see, most of us don’t know who we really are.

When I use words such as “you” or “I” I am usually referring to an individual, a specific set of parameters that make you distinct from everyone else. I am making reference to the roles you play in your life, your functions, your job, your personal appearance, qualities which I like or dislike. I can also perceive you as a physical body. I might be relating to you or myself as my limited ego consciousness.

None of those are who you are or who I am.



“The kingdom of heaven is within you” because that is who you are. You are the perfect creation of the Father. “Our Father which art in Heaven.” God cannot not be in heaven because He is always in the conscious state of perfection. You are in heaven as well. Our job is to become conscious of it.

Perhaps We could begin by saying, “I am in heaven” rather than “heaven is within me.” Notice the difference. As soon as I proclaim “I am in heaven,” and my ego objects by saying, “No you are not.” I know that I have a choice of listening to the glorious truth of my soul or the fearful insecure voice of my ego. As soon as I realize my ego is speaking, I can also know that is not who I am, there is more to me than that.

When I realize I am not my ego, or my body, or any of my other attachments, then I am free. The kingdom of heaven is not locked up inside of me, it is in me and all around me and in you and everything else as well.

I am free and so are you.

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