The mystic Julianna of Norwich stated, “Peace and love are alive in us, but we are not always alive in peace and love.”

When we say “in me” I think we are many times referring to the ego and/or physical me rather than the Real Me. We do this because of learning, habit, and language.

We learn who we are from many people who do not know who they are. We learn about fear and how to identify with our actions and our faults and failings. We are so used to thinking this way we carry the thinking over to our sense of spirituality.




Our language today is very poor in expressing our spiritual self, our Christ Self. So we have to resort of capital letters and underlines and other ways of emphasizing words like “I” and “in me” to express their deeper meaning. When Jesus told us “The kingdom of heaven is within you,” He was obviously not speaking of the personal ego you, but that is where my thoughts go. If I were to know that peace and love are alive in the non-personal me, the me that is awake, the me that knows its oneness with the Father then I would always be alive in peace and love. I would be alive in it because I would know that is who I am. I am peace and love swimming in an ocean of peace and love and so are you.


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