We all work very hard in attempting to make the positive things we desire to manifest.

But there are a couple of things that get in our way. The first one is I think I need to do it all by myself. I forget that the infinite power and strength of God flow through me.

I also usually pump up my motivation through negativity. IF I want to lose weight for example, the classic method of getting motivated is to strip and stand in front of a mirror. Well, that really gets my attention. Of course I would like to look better. So I exercise and starve for a day or so and nothing seems to happen, and so I feel useless and helpless and go back to eating.

What’s wrong with this picture?

“Know you not that you are temples of the Holy Spirit?”




It doesn’t say, “If you are a super model you are a temple of the Holy Spirit, but you can’t be if you are overweight or out of shape or emotionally disturbed.”

In working with myself and with other people, I realized we spent a lot of time trying to get rid of negative behaviors and attitudes. That’s commendable, but has been very frustrating for me. A much more potent way of healing and growing for me is to concentrate on what is already working, and build on that. If I’m working on self-esteem, instead of spending so much of my time working on getting rid of the negative self-talk messages in my head. I find it much more helpful to affirm and accentuate the messages that already have positive energy. The negative stuff doesn’t necessarily go away, but it has much less power because I’m not concentrating on it.

What is it that you are looking to have transformed within yourself.  What is there within you that is already working (even a little).  Bring that to God, allow it to be nurtured, focus on it, bless it, let it grow.  Give your attention and your prayer to that which is already producing some of the results you desire.


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