“Love what is,” Wisdom will tell us. “OH, no, no, no,” the ego replies, “If you love what it is then you are stuck with it.”

Here is what the ego thinks: “There is something about yourself you desire to change, well if you love it, like those extra pounds or that self-centeredness that crops up at the worst times, if you love it you will really be stuck with it.




I don’t think that’s it. If I love my body, what I am doing is loving the perfection that is already there. Now it might not be manifest yet because of some negative habits I might have had, but if I show my body love, I will love the perfection in it and of it. I will love the perfection that God created. As I love this perfection more and more I will begin to treat it (my body) more perfectly.

I will also be coming from a place of working with what is already there. From this flows gratitude which is a most powerful energy of transformation. As in the parable of the Talents, when I can be grateful for what I have and work with it, more will be given to me.


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