We travel to Chicago quite often to visit family and take care of our grandkids. On I 65 there is a two-sided billboard. Drivers see one side going up and the other side as they are going back. On one side is displayed the words, “Jesus is Real.” The other side proclaims, “Hell is Real.”

Now, I have a sense of where this person is coming from, and even though I do not agree with what I think of as a fearful, fundamentalist view of Jesus, I still want to respect the owner’s right to his/her beliefs.

The sign got me thinking. From my perspective either Hell is real or Jesus is real, you can’t have both.



Then, again, we can create our own Hell. Aside from the fire and the pitchforks, the description of hell I learned as a kid was that it was a place of the utmost sense of separation from God.

We have the choice. We can contribute to our sense of separation or we can affirm our Oneness. I think everything revolves around that choice.

Is what I am doing, thinking, or saying contributing to my sense of Oneness with all things or is it contributing to my sense of separation?

Simple question; profound implications.


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