How was I experiencing myself yesterday when I spilled the coffee or dinged my car door?

Was I a child of God? Was I God in hiding? Were you?  Or was I someone waiting on line or someone who dinged a door or someone going to church or someone trying to lose weight or someone going on a date or someone wearing a dress or someone trying on a vest or someone talking on the phone or someone who thinks they are all alone or someone writing a song or someone ringing a gong or someone watching TV or someone wanting a degree or someone being worried or someone in a hurry or someone playing or someone praying? 

When I am wrapped up in being someone doing something or being done to, I am always going to experience myself as being incomplete, and when I perceive myself as limited and incomplete I perceive myself as wounded.








As long as I am identified, consciously or not, in thinking I am somebody doing something or being done to, then my perception of myself will always be wounded or limited.

What needs healing is my perception of who I am. I am wonderful I am One with God I abide in the consciousness of Unity, I do not need healing and neither do you. It is my perception that is warped and wounded.

Are we whole or are we wounded?

I would prefer to ask “What about me is wounded?” To answer that question I need to ask another, How do I usually experience myself? How am I experiencing myself right now?


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